Quality Policy

Hydratorque (Qld) Pty Ltd is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements and pursuing customer satisfaction in the products and services we provide. Hydratorque aims to achieve this goal through a performance excellence approach comprised of:

  • Focusing on our customers’ requirements
  • Continuously reviewing and improving quality management and business processes
  • Developing, deploying and implementing quality objectives to improve our business performance in line with our corporate objectives and customers’ expectations
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of team participation, learning and continuous improvement

The declared policy of Hydratorque (Qld) Pty Ltd is that our products will meet the requirements of our valued customers with regard to quality in the total concept.

The control and maintenance of all aspects of quality and the pursuit of never ending improvement in the quality and productivity of products and services are the personal responsibility of all Hydratorque (Qld) Pty Ltd employees.