Parker Hannifin L90

Mobile Load Sense Directional Control Valves

The Parker Hannifin L90 LS is a stackable, multi-section, load-sensing, pressure-compensated directional valve for mobile machines such as cranes, skylifts, forklift trucks, platform trucks, excavators and harvesters. It is designed for working pressures of up to 320 bar and a maximum pump flow of 150 l/min. The valve can be given excellent simultaneous-operating characteristics, which enable several machine functions to be operated responsively at the same time, regardless of the sizes of individual loads.

To facilitate precise customization for different applications, the L90LS is of wholly modular construction. Each valve is therefore built to order, so that it incorporates exactly the valve functions and values needed to control the given machine in an optimal way

  • Parker-L90Compact, integral system construction
  • Wide range of spool actuators
  • Economical custom options
  • Each robust, compact, pre-tested unit has minimal external pipe work improving overall safety and reliability and making servicing and the training of personnel easy
  • The L90LS can be supplied in combinations of 1-12 spool sections or in combination with special function manifolds fitted between spool sections.

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