Parker Hannifin K170

Mobile Load Sense Directional Control Valves

The Parker Hannifin K170LS is a stackable, proportional, load-sensing (LS), pressure-compensated directional control valve. It is designed for many different applications, both mobile and industrial, and is widely used in machines such as front-end loaders, backhoe loaders, excavators, cranes, forestry equipment, metal presses and forging hammers.

  • Permits consumption in the load signal line to the pump, without the signal level being affected
  • Pressure-compensated spools for lifting and lowering movements
  • Individually adjustable feed reducers between 30 and 300 bar for each service port
  • Gentle transitions across speed changes, and greater stability in the hydraulic system
  • Flexible, modular construction makes it easy to re-build or expand the valve to meet changing needs

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