Parker Hannifin Torqlink Motors

The perfect choice for low speed rotation

parker-hannifin-torqlink-motors1Gerotor hydraulic motors are ideally suited for tough jobs under tough conditions, offering high starting torque and trouble-free service. And when it comes to Gerotor motors, your safest bet is Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Division. Years of experience in system design in close cooperation with clients all over the world have resulted in a wide range of high performance Gerotor motors to suit any application. Up to 20 percent more efficient. Unique design features allow the fluid to lubricate and cool all internal rotating parts of the motor, contributing to outstanding efficiency compared to other Gerotor motors.

parker-hannifin-torqlink-motors2Automatic wear compensation and heavy duty bearings make sure that the supreme Parker Hannifin performance remains throughout the motor’s exceptionally long service life. Parker Hannifin’s Gerotor motors are available in 6 series with displacement sizes from 36–1,000 cm3/ rev, offering up to more than 2,400 Nm of continuous torque output. Regardless of size, they are compact and easy to install and are built to handle very high shaft loads. Add Parker’s system engineering support to all this, and you have a winner in the low speed race!

The roller vane rotor set reduces internal friction and also compensates for wear automatically. This means 100 percent performance levels throughout the motor’s service life. No drain line is required, which simplifies installation greatly. See below for full specifications on the Parker Hannifin TE & TG Range.

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Technical Data

Series Displacement range Torque range Max. speed range
TE 36-392 cm3/rev 55-435 Nm 191-930 rpm
TF 81-477 cm3/rev 215-680 Nm 195-693 rpm
TG 140-958 cm3/rev 400-925 Nm 118-660 rpm
BG 140-958 cm3/rev 400-925 Nm 118-660 rpm
TH 140-958 cm3/rev 400-925 Nm 118-660 rpm
TK 250-1000 cm3/rev 814-2413 Nm 218-523rpm